Harper emerges to speak to Republicans and Conservatives - 2016-04-12

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F132.png Harper emerges to speak to Republicans and Conservatives April 12, 2016, Jane Taber, Globe and Mail

Last month, Globe and Mail feature writer Ian Brown wrote about his search for Stephen Harper, concluding that since the October election that he lost, and nearly 10 years leading the country, the former Conservative prime minister has "virtually vanished."

Not so fast. The American news organization Politico found him. In a piece about the state of the Republican Party, fundraising and where the richest GOP donors are putting their money, or not, Politico reported that Mr. Harper had spoken last Thursday at Sheldon Adelson's Las Vegas mansion to the top officials of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

The former prime minister was speaking about how to unite fractured parties, according to the newspaper's account. There is no mention of exactly what he said or how his message was received. But Mr. Harper is an expert on the issue, having successfully united the federal Progressive Conservative and Canadian Alliance parties in 2004 – a move that led to nearly a decade of power.

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