Has Don Cherry gone too far? - 2010-12-09

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F49.png Has Don Cherry gone too far? December 9, 2010, John Moore, National Post

Don Cherry reached new levels of boorishness Tuesday as he introduced his pal Rob Ford as the new mayor of Toronto. Cherry, visiting from nearby Mississauga — where he lives and presumably pays taxes — ripped into "leftwing pinkos" during the ceremony, in which the chain of office for Canada's largest city was draped over the shoulders of its 64th mayor.

Fans of Ford and Cherry will hoot in support of their guys, which is in keeping with the notion of the new mayor's election as a form of payback to Toronto's smug liberal elites and their seven years in office, which conservatives regard as a kind of hostage taking. It's not enough for Ford to have been elected to represent the interests of his supporters, he must be seen to deliver a good kick in the nuts to anyone who didn't vote for him.

Ford has actually charted a less vindictive path than Cherry. Yet, after years of complaining about his predecessor, David Miller, locking out the right wing from City Hall's inner circle, Ford proceeded to appoint an exclusively right-wing executive of his own. To this, a Toronto Sun columnist crowed: "Who's laughing now?"

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