Heartland Institute: Sowing global warming doubt - 2013-12-10

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F53.png Heartland Institute: Sowing global warming doubt December 10, 2013, Phil Plait, Bad Astronomy, Slate

Well, the Heartland Institute is at it again. This fossil fuel–funded (and tobacco company–funded) group has made quite the name for itself in the climate change denial game, from trumpeting the false controversy over Climategate to comparing climate scientists to mass murders to misrepresenting the actions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (which was so egregious the CAS issued a statement against Heartland that used the word false four times).

Heartland's latest salvo involves an email they sent out about meteorologists and climate change. A paper (a legitimate one, I'll note) was recently published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society called "Meteorologists' Views About Global Warming: A Survey of American Meteorological Society Professional Members." The paper's conclusions show that AMS members who study the climate overwhelmingly support the idea that global warming is real and humans have at least contributed to it.

They're pretty clear about it, too: The very first paragraph of the discussion section of the paper states (emphasis mine):

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