High-tech Heretics - 1997-09-11

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F274.png High-tech Heretics September 11, 1997, Will Harper, Metroactive Features

The dapper Miscavige, flanked by attorneys and bodyguards, tried not to take the chubby heretic's bait. After all, Ward and his cohort, Keith Henson, thrive on getting a rise out of Scientologists and impressing their Internet pals.

"[I] have seen postings from [Ward]," Miscavige stumbled during his hotel room deposition, "describing the various sexual acts that he had me engaged in with various male members of the Scientology religion, attorneys and so forth."

"And let the record reflect," chimed in William Hart, a New York copyright attorney representing the church, "that both Mr. Henson and Mr. Ward are snickering."

"Let the record [reflect]," Ward retorted in a mocking two-can-play-at-that-game voice, "that William M. Hart is not well shaved and he looks like a ruffian."

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