Hit Them Where They Live - 2008-11-25

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F300.png Hit Them Where They Live November 25, 2008, Steven Croop, The Escapist

So, how in the world did a secluded online community, widely considered to be a bunch of social misfits and outcasts with little vested interests beyond expanding their collections of violent fetish porn, become a potent, organized activist group that has protested against the Church of Scientology since January in an operation called "Project Chanology"?

For one thing, they're not quite so homogeneously pathetic at all. "The hundreds of people I have met at various Anonymous raids have all been great people from many walks of life," says Mark Bunker, the Producer of xenutv.com, who has been fighting the Church since 1999. "Many of them are young, but not all of them. I've met students, doctors, lawyers, people from law enforcement and so many other fields taking to the streets, wearing the masks and speaking out because they believe it's the right thing to do."

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