How Harper Sows Fear of Muslims in Pursuit of Votes - 2015-09-09

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F364.png How Harper Sows Fear of Muslims in Pursuit of Votes September 9, 2015, Faisal Kutty, Huffington Post

The past year has been a very active one for the anti-Islam industry in Canada. Leading the charge is none other than Prime Minister Stephen Harper who -- in gearing up to the elections in October 2015 -- has been stoking Islamophobia by pandering to public unease about Muslims. In addition to going after Muslim charities organizations (allegedly defaming NCCM, for instance) and even religious symbols, his jihad against "radical Islam" and search for terrorists under every Muslim bed has profoundly altered the Canadian legal landscape.

Indeed, the bastion of multiculturalism and tolerance witnessed a slew of legislative and policy directives -- overtly or covertly -- targeting Muslims. Due to space limitations, this article cannot address all of them, but here are a few.

1) On May 29, 2015, a controversial provision of the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act (which had become law back in June 2014) came into effect. The provision allows the government to revoke Canadian citizenship from anyone who was born outside the country, was born in Canada and holds another nationality, or is eligible to obtain another nationality. All of this can be done unilaterally without any involvement by a judge or other independent arbiter.

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