How Hollywood Remembers Steve Bannon - 2017-04-24

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F188.png How Hollywood Remembers Steve Bannon April 24, 2017, Connie Bruck, New Yorker

People in Hollywood were bewildered by Bannon's story of himself as a major dealmaker. "I never heard of him, prior to Trumpism," the media mogul Barry Diller told me. "And no one I know knew him in his so-called Hollywood period." Another longtime entertainment executive said, "The barriers in Hollywood are simple. First, you have to have talent. And, second, you have to know how to get along with people. It's a small club."

Many who did have dealings with Bannon were unwilling to be interviewed. Others would not speak for attribution, saying that they feared what he might do with the instruments of government—one spoke of a possible I.R.S. audit. He worked hard to join the Hollywood establishment, and several people who knew him said that they were startled by his conversion to what one called "conservative political jihad." Another said, "All the years I knew him, he just wanted to make a buck."

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