How John Baird bungled Mohamed Fahmy's release - 2015-10-01

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F99.png How John Baird bungled Mohamed Fahmy's release October 1, 2015, Fram Dinshaw, National Observer

Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy wasted no time in blasting the Harper government just 18 days before the federal election for overstating its role in securing his recent release from an Egyptian jail.

"When a Canadian citizen is in prison and caught up in a case so complicated, related to terrorism, the most efficient and senior officials in the Canadian government should intervene from day one," Fahmy told Canadaland's Jesse Brown in an extensive interview on Sept. 28.

"My intention when I go back to Canada — and I will be arriving before elections — will be speaking in several rallies without pledging allegiance to any specific party to constructively highlight what the Canadian Government could have done in a better way in order to protect me while I was in prison."

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