How QAnon will outlive 8Chan - 2019-08-15

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F1.png How QAnon will outlive 8Chan August 15, 2019, Ali Breland, Mother Jones

The infamous imageboard 8chan went off the internet last week after a white-supremacist shooter killed 22 people in El Paso, and a manifesto he'd written was posted on the site. It was the third time in under five months that a racist shooter's writing or media had appeared on the imageboard.

While critics of 8chan had called for it to be banned following the previous two shooters, after El Paso, Cloudflare, an internet company that protects websites from attacks, finally decided to cut service to the site. Other security or technology providers followed suit, effectively removing the site from the open web for its deadly record of racism, bigotry, and white supremacy.

But 8chan's disappearance also inadvertently dealt a blow to the QAnon conspiracy community.

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