How Scientology turned its biggest critic - 2002-07-07

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F15.png How Scientology turned its biggest critic July 7, 2002, Deborah O'Neil, St. Petersburg Times

Minton and Scientology had engaged in an acrimonious public battle for years, spending millions on mutual destruction.

Now they were talking truce. It wasn't long before Minton had become Scientology's star witness.

Minton's turnaround became public during court testimony in April. His former allies, the church's critics, have been left to wonder: Why is he doing this?

Answers have emerged during recent weeks of testimony in the courtroom of Pinellas Circuit Judge Susan Schaeffer. Along with court records and interviews, the testimony revealed the extent of the Church of Scientology's effort to neutralize its most hated critic. Details of the church's thorough, relentless offensive also shed light on how Minton's surprising cooperation with Scientology came about.

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