How the Interviews Were Secured for 'Scientology vs. Anonymous' - 2009-03-16

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F153.png How the Interviews Were Secured for 'Scientology vs. Anonymous' March 16, 2009, Nathan Baca, KESQ

I received word "Anonymous" protestors planned to picket outside Hemet's "IntBase" the next day. I decided we needed to come and get video of the incident. Instead of taking a regular news vehicle, I decided we needed to bring our KESQ Live Truck. This van, called "Eagle Eye," has a telescopic mast for microwave TV signal transmission. Though we had no intention of doing a live shot in front of the Hemet location that day, I knew we could use the high-powered camera on top of the 50 foot mast to give ourselves a tour of the headquarters complex.

The news photographer and I arrived around noon. While he videotaped protestors on the ground, I operated the camera in the truck. This was how we spotted the camouflaged observation post in the hills above the IntBase. The reflection of the sun glinting off the lens revealed its position. I received a cell phone call from Catherine Fraser and an unrecognized Los Angeles area number at this time. Because I was operating the mast camera, I did not answer the phone.

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