Hubbard admits Dianetics book is a fraud - 2011-08-24

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F355.png Hubbard admits Dianetics book is a fraud August 24, 2011, Scientolulz, YouTube

"We had in Book I, simply no more and no less than a rather adequate description of the reactive mind, the mental image picture, the engram, the secondary and so forth. We had ways to run these things but those ways were not the ways used to clear people. Now, that's very interesting that I could be guilty of an oversight to that degree."

Since 1951 Hubbard and the Church has ranted and raved about precision scientific technology that has been proven to work 100% of the time. They have promoted millions of copies of The Way To Happiness worldwide to teach people not to lie. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent promoting Dianetics courses and auditing so every man, woman and child on Earth could go Clear. The book DMSHM (Dianetics) has been re-published over and over again, most recently with the release of "The Basics". It is continually asserted, stated and written that Dianetics is a science of the mind and that in about 20 hours of Dianetic auditing, anyone can reach "Clear".

But around July 4, 1958 (when this congress was filmed) Hubbard admitted that DMSMH could not produce a clear.

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