I am an Ex-Scientologist - 2014-06-07

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F355.png I am an Ex-Scientologist June 7, 2014, Chris Shelton, YouTube

This is my parody of the "I am a Scientologist" campaign which the Church of Scientology has run in the past to try to convince people that Scientologists are regular people with totally normal beliefs just like everyone else.

I have many more videos and written articles on my blog about Scientology and critical thinking, at http://mncriticalthinking.com. Check it out.

This video was also inspired by Brian Keith Dalton ("Mr Diety") and his parody of the I Am a Mormon campaign. His video of this is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfkHJ... and I got his ok to style my video after his before producing this.

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