If I'm listening to Justin Trudeau it means others are too - 2019-08-27

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F253.png If I'm listening to Justin Trudeau it means others are too August 27, 2019, Andrew MacDougall, Macleans

Not because I'll be voting. I won't be. I live in the United Kingdom now and have no plans to leave. Our daughters were born here. We're (heaven help us) looking for a property. Our lives are here. Even if the here we're inhabiting in the United Kingdom c. 2019 isn't the here I signed up for in 2013.

And I'm not listening because I think Justin Trudeau is better, or the answer. When your major policy accomplishment is admitting that Stephen Harper was right on direct support for parents, and then adding a bit to the cheque at the expense of the deficit you promised would be gone, you're not doing that well, legal weed be damned. And then there's the repeat law breaking, not something I look for in a Prime Minister.

Not that Jagmeet Singh would be better. The NDP bought their leader at Peak Trudeau and as a result have the only guy less qualified than Trudeau to be PM. As far as I can tell, Singh exists to make Trudeau look good. Don't believe me? Just ask the droves of long-standing NDP MP's that aren't re-offering in 2019 even though Trudeau has let progressives down in a big way. This election should be a Trudeau turkey shoot for the left and the NDP have picked a chap whose only marketable skill is pumping lead in his own feet, as evidenced by last week's genius of throwing away a post-election bargaining chip by saying he would never support Scheer in a minority scenario.

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