Inside the Chinese military attack on Nortel - 2020-08-25

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F0.png Inside the Chinese military attack on Nortel August 25, 2020, Sam Cooper, Global News

In 2004 Nortel cyber-security advisor Brian Shields investigated a serious breach in the telecom giant's network. At the time Nortel's fibre optics equipment was the world's envy, with 70 per cent of all internet traffic running on Canadian technology.

And someone wanted Nortel's secrets.

Shields found that a computer in Shanghai had hacked into the email account of an Ottawa-based Nortel executive. Using passwords stolen from the executive the intruder downloaded more than 450 documents from "Live Link" — a Nortel server used to warehouse sensitive intellectual property.

Shields soon found the hacker controlled the accounts of at least seven Nortel executives. This was no random cybercriminal. But who was it?

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