Inside the bizarre world of Scientology - 2014-01-19

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F356.png Inside the bizarre world of Scientology January 19, 2014, Emma Jane Hade, Irish Independent

Today the Sunday Independent takes you inside the strange and secretive world of the Irish Church of Scientology. The church hit the headlines last week after it emerged the head of the church, David Miscavige, bizarrely claimed that its 'Dublin Mission' was responsible for an 85 per cent drop in drug-related crime in the capital.

Addressing fellow Scientologists during the church's New Year's Eve gathering, Miscavige described the Dublin Mission, which claims to have distributed 110,230 booklets to members of the public last year, as an "exemplary emphasis of how missions take root in cultural soil".

But the church's extraordinary, and up until now, unheard of work left drug agencies and gardai here scratching their heads.

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