Is Pierre Poilievre helping Pierre Poutine? - 2015-04-04

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F0.png Is Pierre Poilievre helping Pierre Poutine? April 4, 2015, PressProgress

On Friday, Canadians were reminded that Elections Canada's voter suppression investigation into this affair is still chugging along, stymied by a weak election law that prevents its investigators to compel testimony. (The Tories aren't proposing to change this aspect of the law.)

That brings us to the Conservative government's Unfair Elections Act, currently being debated in Parliament and being defended by Minister for Democratic Reform Pierre Poilievre against widespread criticism.

If you get past all the ways the Unfair Elections Act would disenfranchise people, muzzle Elections Canada, and create a giant loophole in campaign spending caps, you'll see buried in the bill a mechanism to help the Conservative Party build its internal database of voters — and to make it hard for Elections Canada to crack down on any fraudulent calls using party databases.

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