Ishmael Bey - Flag Down 2014 - 2014-05-14

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F355.png Ishmael Bey - Flag Down 2014 May 14, 2014, Flag Down 2014, YouTube

Ishmael Bey is a community activist and an investigative researcher. Ishmael spent over a decade within the Nation of Islam moving up to the officer ranks to Assistant Minister. He was the first to bring national attention to the recent Church of Scientology's recent assimilation of the Nation of Islam.

Ishmael's work has been highlighted in national magazines along with his DVDs and radio interviews. Ishmael runs the "Scientology Invasion of The Black Community" Facebook group, and is also working on a documentary concerning Scientology's relationship with African-Americans.

Recorded at Flag Down 2014 - Exposing the fraud and abuse of the Scientology cult

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