It Feels Like White Supremacists Are Winning - 2017-07-14

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F0.png It Feels Like White Supremacists Are Winning July 14, 2017, Manisha Krishnan, Vice News

It's no exaggeration to say the library is considered one of the most wholesome fixtures of any community. It's a childcare option for parents. It's a hub for low income folks, the homeless, and often for people of colour. It's public.

All of this makes it deeply unsettling that a group of white supremacists was able to congregate there Wednesday.

The meeting, held at the Richview branch of the Toronto Public Library, was a memorial for Barbara Kulaszka, an Ontario criminal lawyer who during her lifetime represented prominent white supremacists. One, a German named Ernst Zundel, spent decades in Canada and published books like The Hitler We Loved And Why and Did Six Million Really Die? Another, Marc Lemire, is former leader of the neo-Nazi group Heritage Front; he raised a constitutional challenge against Canada's internet hate speech laws.

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