James O'Keefe Accidentally Stings Himself - 2016-05-30

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F188.png James O'Keefe Accidentally Stings Himself May 30, 2016, Jane Mayer, New Yorker

In the Westchester County suburb of Mamaroneck, a street-level office has reflective glass doors and windows that make it impossible to see inside. This is the headquarters of James O'Keefe III—the conservative activist who placed the phony phone call pretending to be Victor Kesh. As he showed me around, in late April, O'Keefe, who is thirty-one, told me that he is not a dirty trickster but an investigative journalist and a leading practitioner of modern political warfare. "We've got this guerrilla army, and it's coming to fruition soon," he said. "This is our base of operations." Waving his hand around seven thousand square feet of empty office space, he said, "This is our NORAD. It's our field operation."

The back wall of the office, he explained, would soon be hung with an enormous corkboard covered with maps. Affixed to each map would be a card with the location and the assumed name of every undercover political operative working for his nonprofit, Project Veritas. Created in 2010 as a charity that could accept tax-deductible contributions, Project Veritas says on its Web site that it is dedicated to exposing "corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct."

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