James O'Keefe Is Fighting His Insurance Company - 2017-11-08

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F0.png James O'Keefe Is Fighting His Insurance Company November 8, 2017, Steven Perlberg, BuzzFeed News

For months, lawsuits have piled up against James O'Keefe, the conservative filmmaker and provocateur, from various targets of his signature undercover videos.

But O'Keefe and his video site Project Veritas have taken some legal action of their own recently — against the insurance company that they claim violated a contractual obligation to pay for mushrooming legal bills.

Now Project Veritas is engaged in a battle with the company it hoped would protect it, a dispute that lays bare the stark challenges faced by O'Keefe for the kind of controversial, litigation-prone hidden camera stings that have made him both a scourge and a conservative media darling.

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