Jason Kenney's 'anti-Alberta' inquiry gets increasingly compromised - 2019-11-15

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F0.png Jason Kenney's 'anti-Alberta' inquiry gets increasingly compromised November 15, 2019, David Climenhaga, blogs, rabble.ca

I don't care what anyone from the United Conservative Party says, this can't have been a good couple of days for Premier Jason Kenney and his government.

For one thing, it's not just the Swedes. As Bloomberg News went on to explain, "the Riksbank's initiative comes as central bankers around the world are becoming increasingly concerned with the threats posed by climate change." That includes the Bank of England, headed by its Canadian governor, Mark Carney -- from the UCP perspective, an obvious member of the accursed "Laurentian elite," even if he was born in Fort Smith, N.W.T.

As for Knight Legg, even if he used to be a banker and was working against that "misinformation campaign of defamation," as the premier's spokesthingy Harrison Fleming explained, Wednesday's revelations by the NDP aren't necessarily going to endear a lot of Albertans to his indulgent ways, especially if some positive results aren't evident soon.

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