Jason Kenney's 'triggered' culture reaches Alberta students - 2019-12-13

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F253.png Jason Kenney's 'triggered' culture reaches Alberta students December 13, 2019, Max Fawcett, Macleans

Jason Kenney's government has made no secret of its affinity for combat, and it's already launched offensives against a wide range of targets that includes everything from the Prime Minister of Canada to a ratings agency in New York. These skirmishes are all in the service of a broader campaign to defend the province's oil and gas industry, and restore the jobs that have been lost in it over the last few years.

But as parents at a Red Deer area middle school are discovering, this hyper-aggressive strategy can come with some collateral damage. In their case, it's the Christmas school dance that had to be cancelled after a parent threatened to confront a teacher who had made the grievous error of presenting his grade-four students with uncomplimentary information about the oil sands. So much for the holiday spirit.

The purpose of the exercise that triggered the parent—one that's part of a social studies curriculum developed by Ralph Klein's government back in 2005—is to help students develop a better understanding of subjects like conservation, solar and wind power, and oil exploration and forestry. The teacher showed them two videos about the oil sands, one from Greenpeace and one from the Alberta government, and asked them to identify and understand the differences.

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