Jason Kenney and the language of division - 2019-09-28

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F94.png Jason Kenney and the language of division September 28, 2019, Kieran Leavitt, Toronto Star

EDMONTON—A political scientist is warning that Premier Jason Kenney's talk of "normal Albertans" versus "special interests" is setting the stage for budget cuts, dividing groups between those he'll listen to and those he won't.

Kenney announced Monday that his United Conservative government's first budget will be tabled Oct. 24, two weeks after the legislature is set to reconvene and three days after the federal election.

"The people that Ralph Klein used to call 'severely normal Albertans' — the folks who just try to get by and take care of their families with an ever-rising cost of living — those folks, they understand that you can't spend money you don't have," Kenney told a reporter in Calgary at a press conference Monday.

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