Jason Kenney declares war on environmentalists - 2019-07-22

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F0.png Jason Kenney declares war on environmentalists July 22, 2019, Tristan Hughes, Now Magazine

Alongside the recent surge in environmental activism in Canada and growing public concern over the effects of climate change, a potent countervailing force is emerging under recently elected premier Jason Kenney in Alberta: a pro-pipeline police state.

Alberta's United Conservative government is already aggressively restricting political discourse to guard the fossil fuel industry's privileges. Kenney has launched a $30 million "war room" tasked with silencing "the green left" and what he has elsewhere referred to as "foreign-funded radicals." His government has also announced a $2.5 million inquiry into an alleged "foreign-funded defamation campaign" against Alberta oil.

Kenney's militaristic language to paint environmentalists as counter-insurgents is the ideal pretext for curtailing freedoms. Oil's oligarchy has corroded democracy in the province. Now Kenney is further consolidating Alberta's democratic deficit.

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