Jeb's Anti-Muslim, Anti-Gay New Hire - 2015-03-15

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F375.png Jeb's Anti-Muslim, Anti-Gay New Hire March 15, 2015, Olivia Nuzzi, Daily Beast

Lawyer and political adviser Jordan Sekulow is the Saul Goodman of social conservatism. He frequently appears on right-wing television to pontificate—his face caked with makeup, hair gelled back, suit shining, and double chin taking on a life of its own—about a wide range of topics, from Christian persecution to conservative persecution. On social media, he branded those behind the proposed Ground Zero Mosque "terrorists." And in his capacity as executive director of the American Center for Law and Justice, televangelist Pat Robertson's snake oil mega-mall of right-wing legal causes, he has lobbied foreign governments to ban homosexuality and fought efforts to allow exceptions to anti-abortion laws when the life of the mother is at risk.

And on Friday, he announced he's going to work for Jeb Bush.

That's right, Sekulow will be a senior adviser to the political action committee of the likely Republican presidential candidate most often labeled a moderate.

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