Joy Villa, Pro-Trump Grammys Troll, Is a Hardcore Scientologist Who Backed Bernie - 2017-02-16

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F375.png Joy Villa, Pro-Trump Grammys Troll, Is a Hardcore Scientologist Who Backed Bernie February 16, 2017, Amy Zimmerman, Daily Beast

The 2017 Grammy Awards was a night Beyoncé will always remember, and the rest of us would rather forget. The tone-deaf ceremony featured only the faintest glimmers of relevancy—and from artists that the Recording Academy proceeded to inexplicably snub. First there was Bey, performing from her revolutionary visual album Lemonade, all while pregnant with twins and dipped in gold leaf. Somehow, defying gravity (and doctor's orders) for her craft just wasn't enough, and Lemonade was denied its rightful crowning as Album of the Year. Now, Beyoncé doesn't technically need a coronation—she probably has a million of those solid gold haloes gathering dust in her basement. But the fact that the Recording Academy is either deaf, dumb, or blind—incapable of understanding the importance of an artist or reading the socio-political room—is cause for consternation.

While it was tempting to follow Frank Ocean's lead and back out of the 2017 Grammys, a few important cultural moments did emerge from this technically challenged televised circle jerk. There was Q-Tip acting as resistance leader, Beyoncé dressed as the black Virgin Mary, and J. Lo pretending she reads Toni Morrison in her spare time. But for many, the biggest jaw-dropper came courtesy of a card-carrying who?—"Grammy Considered Recording Artist, Actress," and "Awarded Vegan BodyBuilder" Joy Villa. This self-described vegan bodybuilder (who also calls herself Princess) infiltrated all of our timelines courtesy of a remarkable performance on the Grammys red carpet. Villa arrived at the Staples Center covered in a white sheet. In what was most certainly not an homage to Violet Chachki's famous two-in-one look from the season eight premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race, Villa emerged from her cocoon in a "Make America Great Again" gown. The dress, with its mermaid cut and huge glittery "TRUMP" lettering around the base, stood out in a sea of non-Trump themed couture.

On a runway that's seen its fair share of bad taste and titty tape, Villa managed to stumble upon the last remaining taboo. Make no mistake: this was a deliberate effort to force a reaction. In past years, the 25-year-old has gone out of her way to land herself in the margins of the Us Weekly worst dressed roundup. Two years ago, the never-nominated artist wore a dress constructed from orange plastic mesh. Last year, she raised the stakes with an outfit that can only be described as a long black train pasted on to some fake silver bones.

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