Just what Panama City needed, a new Scientology 'Ideal Mission'! - 2019-10-13

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F347.png Just what Panama City needed, a new Scientology 'Ideal Mission'! October 13, 2019, Rod Keller, Underground Bunker

Scientology's Ideal Org drought continues as they have opened none so far this year. It's been speculated that leader David Miscavige has postponed openings to avoid being served legal papers in Scientology's court cases. Miscavige has never attended the opening ceremonies of 'Ideal Missions,' and this week saw the opening of one in Panama city.

It's on Calle 50 in the heart of Panama City across the street from the 57-story Tower Financial Center. At nearly half a million in population, Panama City is the second largest city in Central America and has a large modern downtown area. The country holds a special status as Scientology's ship, the Freewinds, is registered in Panama.

Ideal Orgs go back to the 2003 opening of the Johannesburg Ideal Org, but Ideal Missions are more recent. 2015 saw the grand openings of the Lake Oswego, Oregon Ideal Mission and the Belleair Ideal Mission near Clearwater. Lake Oswego lasted less than a year before closing, but Belleair was joined by Los Feliz in Los Angeles in 2013, Valencia, Spain in 2015, South Coast, California in 2016, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Taichung, Taiwan and Senigallia, Italy in 2017, Košice, Slovakia and Como, Italy in 2018, Houston, Texas and now Panama in 2019. The Ocala, Florida mission was declared "Ideal" years after its 2011 opening featuring patron John Travolta.

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