Justin Trudeau has Doug Ford in his sights - 2019-08-15

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F94.png Justin Trudeau has Doug Ford in his sights August 15, 2019, Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star

Officially, Toronto's mayor and the prime minister met this week to make their municipal and federal governments work better together. Unofficially, they were comparing notes on their mercurial provincial partner — the elephant in the room.

Their shared challenge is to avoid being trampled underfoot by Ford. Like traditional mahouts who prodded elephants into obedience in India, Tory and Trudeau yank the premier's chain and whisper sweet nothings in his ear.

At their city hall photo-op, the Tory-Trudeau tag team tried to coax the lumbering premier into compliance. Now, the mayor has passed the political baton to the prime minister (though Trudeau is unlikely to dress up as a mahout, having sworn off traditional Indian garb in photo-ops).

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