Kamala Harris's Wikipedia Page Is Being Edited - 2020-07-02

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F0.png Kamala Harris's Wikipedia Page Is Being Edited July 2, 2020, Aída Chávez, The Intercept

At least one highly dedicated Wikipedia user has been scrubbing controversial aspects of Harris's "tough-on-crime" record from her Wikipedia page, her decision not to prosecute Steve Mnuchin for mortgage fraud-related crimes, her strong support of prosecutors in Orange County who engaged in rampant misconduct, and other tidbits — such as her previous assertion that "it is not progressive to be soft on crime" — that could prove unflattering to Harris as the public gets to know her on the national stage. The edits, according to the page history, have elicited strong pushback from Wikipedia's volunteer editor brigade, and have drawn the page into controversy, though it's a fight the pro-Harris editor is currently winning.

Presidential vetting operations have entire teams of investigators, but for the public, when the pick is announced, the most common source for information about the person chosen is Wikipedia. And there, a war has broken out over how to talk about Harris's career.

California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris is widely seen as a front-runner for a spot on the ticket with presumptive nominee Joe Biden, with vetting well underway.

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