LIVE-BLOGGING: Scientology on H2's 'America's Book of Secrets' - 2014-03-29

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F347.png LIVE-BLOGGING: Scientology on H2's 'America's Book of Secrets' March 29, 2014, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

A few months ago, we followed some directions and ended up at a hotel lobby in the business district downtown. Upstairs, there was a bar that had been taken over by a film crew. We dug the setting — the more booze bottles in the background, the better.

For a couple of hours, we were asked about Scientology, and the questions were quite good. But there were some sound issues — the folks in the lobby downstairs wouldn't shut up — so we left wondering if any of it was actually usable. But then we showed up in the promotional guide to tonight's "America's Book of Secrets" season premiere, so we figure at least some of what we said was used.

We will also share with you that we got a call just a couple of days ago from several History Channel top executives who were sounding a bit panicky about all the usual shenanigans coming from Scientology's attorneys. You can bet the network was hit with a deluge of threatening letters and calls leading up to tonight's airing — so give the History folks credit for weathering the storm.

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