L Ron Hubbard's: Heavy Bullcrap - 2008-06-21

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F355.png L Ron Hubbard's: Heavy Bullcrap June 21, 2008, madmentalking, YouTube

Rantings of a MADMAN Named Hubbard Episode XVI

"Heavy Bullcrap"

From "State of OT", SHSBC #296. 23 May 1963:

"And although I don't think you'd have very much pleasure out of kissing a girl from Jupiter - that's a heavy-gravity planet, and if you stepped on the planet Jupiter in one of these meat bodies that you presently have, you would become a pancake promptly, you see? And what atmosphere it has lies in seas of liquid air and so on. You might say that this is somewhat rigorous as an environment, not completely similar to Russia but.. [laughter].

So you do get these various variations. And it's not all that horrifying however.

You find somebody running around the planet Jupiter, he'd be built to withstand that climatic condition, and the gravitic condition and so forth, and his legs might be a bit modified and his arms and that sort of thing, but he probably would look like an Eskimo."

Yeah that's right, Hubbard had the Loc-Nar up his butt (pure concentrated evil)!

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