Laura Prepon Lies About Scientology & Gays - 2017-02-01

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F355.png Laura Prepon Lies About Scientology & Gays February 1, 2017, Steven Mango, YouTube

Laura Prepon is a celebrity Scientologist who covers up Scientology's anti-LGBT stance. Laura has stated to the press that she hasn't come across anything negative or critical about gays within Scientology literature. As an upper level Scientologist, Laura definitely knows about Scientology's viewpoint on gays and lies about it to protect her church's image. However, she claims she loves gay people, plays a gay character on television, and supports gay rights. I call her out on that because she belongs to a cult that hates gays and she publicly supports Scientology (which has even funded Proposition 8!). Hypocritical? I think so!

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