Leader of cult detained in Fiji - 2011-06-27

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F360.png Leader of cult detained in Fiji June 27, 2011, Verity Edwards, The Australian

"It is not our intention at this point in time to extradite Rocco Leo from Fiji but we will reconsider that if necessary at a later date," Superintendent Jeffery said.

In March, Customs officers uncovered ingredients for making weapons, instruction manuals, batons and throwing stars in a shipping container bound for Mr Leo in Fiji.

The cult leader, 53, fled to Fiji in May last year after raids on 12 Agape Ministries properties uncovered 20 illegal guns, assault batons, detonators, fuses and more than 65,000 rounds of ammunition.

Mr Leo had allegedly stockpiled weapons and told members they would be used to defend themselves if needed.

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