Leg Amputations Blamed On Doctors In 2 Lawsuits - 1984-09-05

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F0.png Leg Amputations Blamed On Doctors In 2 Lawsuits September 5, 1984, Ann Wlazelek, Morning Call

Joyce B. Haller and her husband Ernest C. of 1030 N. Leh St., Allentown, have charged osteopathic physician Conrad G. Maulfair of Mertztown R.2 with failure to properly diagnose and treat her peripheral arteriosclerosis, the hardening of the arteries in her extremities.

Maulfair treated Mrs. Haller with "chelation therapy," the unapproved intravenous injection of a manmade amino acid (ethylene diamine tetracetic acid or EDTA), performed in an effort to cleanse the arteries.

"Most or all of the calcium of the bones was lost and no adequate bone repair could be accomplished for wife-plaintiff (Mrs. Haller). The EDTA has washed away the calcium in the bones of the feet and lower legs. The lower portions of the bones of the legs were weakened by calcium loss. They were fractured while wife-plaintiff was on crutches," the suit says.

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