Looking Back at Canada's Political Fight Over Science - 2017-01-26

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F374.png Looking Back at Canada's Political Fight Over Science January 26, 2017, Sarah Zhang, The Atlantic

Sarah Zhang: It's only day 6 of the Trump administration, and it seems like we're getting new updates each day about various restriction of U.S. science agencies. Did things move so quickly under Harper in Canada?

Chris Turner: That's one of the big differences. The Harper government knew it would be wildly unpopular if it was laid out baldly. Theirs was actually quite stealthy, and it took a long time. There were little bits and pieces.

One of first things that started to worry people was in early 2011, when a major salmon study in British Columbia came out in the journal Science. It was going to get international media attention because it was showing significant climate-change impacts on salmon populations, and it had international importance. The scientist working on it was told, "You are not putting out a press release about this, you will not talk to the media about this." But there were only a handful of scientists being specifically told not to talk.

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