MEA CULPA! MEA CULPA! - 1999-06-14

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F0.png MEA CULPA! MEA CULPA! June 14, 1999, J. Gordon Melton, Forum debate, Skeptic magazine

Vol. 7, No. 1 1999

Regular readers of SKEPTIC scanning the article by Steven A. Kent and Theresa Krebs, "When Scholars Know Sin" (Vol. 6, No. 3, 1998), may have felt as if they were stepping into the middle of a debate without being aware of the stakes behind the arguments placed before them. In fact the paper, in a slightly more sanitized version, previously appeared as part of a set of papers concerning the problems faced by scholars of New Religions who must work in such a highly charged arena and whose every word is scrutinized by both members and critics of the more controversial groups. In that more professional context, one can assume that the readers were up on the issues. But here I begin my response with a little bit of history.

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