Madman or messiah? - 2007-09-23

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F356.png Madman or messiah? September 23, 2007, Opinion, Irish Independent

When I was asked to write about Scientology, I said yes. I then started researching it and wished that that yes had been a no. You see the creator -- a man called L Ron Hubbard, who established the religion in 1952 -- well, Ron wrote The Manual of Justice, in which he says that a reporter who dares to write anything critical about Scientology should be harassed and intimidated until he or she shudders in silence. The last time I had shuddered in silence was watching The Champ.

Mr Hubbard also wrote Attacks on Scientology, Additional Policy Letter in which he details how to destroy the reputation of anyone critical of Scientology. That didn't scare me. I hadn't much of a reputation anyway. Well, not one I didn't mind getting destroyed. I wasn't frightened of what would happen; I've got friends in low places who would protect me for the price of some call credit and a carvery.

So I logged onto the official Scientology website and, for the purpose of this article, I opened my mind wide. I had heard all the negatives about the so-called religion -- the brainwashing and aliens etc -- but I would give it the benefit of the doubt until I found something to take that doubt away. Maybe Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes aren't mental after all.

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