Mainstream media needs to stop platforming Ezra Levant - 2019-09-18

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F99.png Mainstream media needs to stop platforming Ezra Levant September 18, 2019, Davide Mastracci, National Observer

Rebel Media is currently the subject of a formal criminal complaint from Ottawa-based human-rights lawyer Richard Warman, accusing it of "wilfully promoting hatred of the Muslim community through hate propaganda published to the world."

Meanwhile, Faith Matters, an anti-hate and extremism organization, recently released a report claiming Rebel Media is arguably a "gateway to genuine Nazi rhetoric." Another recent report, from a group of Brazilian scholars, found Rebel Media is part of a "radicalization pipeline" on YouTube, in which users "consistently migrate from milder to more extreme content" ending with exposure to "fringe far-right ideology."

Any journalist counting Rebel Media among publications worthy of professional solidarity has to wilfully ignore these facts, or accept them but conclude it's still a news outlet just because Levant says so. Neither option is excusable. By publishing Levant and allowing him to whitewash his site's record by labelling reporters he employs as "right-leaning" who simply ask "prickly questions," the Globe has sheltered him under the umbrella of the paper's reputation and thereby helped to legitimize Rebel Media.

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