Marty Singer: Cat White asked Jim Carrey to marry her and he turned her down - 2016-09-20

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F347.png Marty Singer: Cat White asked Jim Carrey to marry her and he turned her down September 20, 2016, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

We spoke to actor Jim Carrey's attorney Marty Singer today, who told us he was very interested in our morning story about Mark Burton, the man who is suing his client over Cathriona White's 2015 suicide.

Burton filed his lawsuit yesterday, claiming that Carrey obtained prescription medicines under a fake name so he could give them to White, his on-again-off-again girlfriend who had moved to Los Angeles from Ireland in 2009. She and Carrey began dating around March 2012 and broke up for the first time several months later. They had resumed dating in 2015, before breaking up again that September. On September 28, 2015, Cat White was found dead, having apparently killed herself with medications that Carrey procured under the name "Arthur King." Carrey maintains that she took the medicines without his knowledge, and he didn't notice they were missing until it was too late.

After White's death, L.A. Coroner Ed Winter shocked even Cat's close friends by revealing that she was married to a man named Mark Burton. This morning, we reported that Cat told a few close personal friends that the January 2013 marriage to Burton was a sham that was intended to fool immigration officials so she could stay in the country. Her friends say that Cat, who had met a family of Scientologists in Ireland before emigrating and had become involved in Scientology in Los Angeles, had asked several of her male Scientology friends if they would be willing to enter a fake marriage with her. She had even, in 2010, held a fake wedding with a fellow Scientologist in order to get photos to throw off immigration officials, but had changed her mind about that match. After her break-up with Carrey in 2012, she approached Burton, also a Scientologist, and they went to Las Vegas to get married and told very few of their friends.

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