Meet the Right's Worst Nightmare: Teen Antifa - 2021-08-11

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F0.png Meet the Right's Worst Nightmare: Teen Antifa August 11, 2021, Tess Owen, Vice News

We'd scheduled a phone interview with a member of the Midwest Youth Liberation Front to talk about how they'd recently exposed a school board candidate as a white nationalist.

But 19-year-old "Sam", who uses they/them pronouns and asked us to use a pseudonym to conceal their identity for safety purposes, was running a few minutes late. They couldn't talk yet because their parents were still within earshot.

Sam's family, and most of their friends, have no idea that they moonlight in an antifascist youth crew whose members, mainly teens or people in their early 20s, are scattered across the Midwest. The Youth Liberation Front, or YLF, describes itself as a "decentralized network of autonomous youth crews." Pacific NorthWest Youth Liberation Front was the first of its kind, and has existed since at least 2017, amassing thousands of followers on its Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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