Meet the right-wing trolls behind "Stop The Steal" - 2020-11-07

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F1.png Meet the right-wing trolls behind "Stop The Steal" November 7, 2020, Ali Breland, Mother Jones

Right-wing "Stop The Count" protests that have sprung up in the last 72 hours to attempt to manipulate the vote-counting process in favor of Donald Trump appear to be at least partially artificially bolstered by paid Republican operatives. But unlike previous coordinated protests that have been revealed to be supported well-funded and organized conservative interests, the demonstrations have been organized largely by a collection of disgraced right-wing internet figures. Some have been all but discarded from mainstream Republican circles for being too extreme, too inept, or some combination of the two. Despite this, they've been good at one thing: figuring out how to spin never-ending mishaps into continued careers.

The protests have grown since Election Day, with FreedomWorks and Trump's 2020 digital director getting involved in the events, according to The Guardian and Washington Post. Here's a smattering of some of the more compelling characters involved:

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