Men's issues group files lawsuit against RSU - 2016-04-11

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F0.png Men's issues group files lawsuit against RSU April 11, 2016, Al Downham, The Eyeopener

The RSU said the group violates union policy on women's issues and could affect safety of Ryerson female students and faculty. Other groups on campus, namely the Ryerson Feminist Collective, have accused the group of perpetuating sexism on campus.

"Men's rights groups actively seek to delegitimize women who come forward as survivors of gender-based violence and attempt to silence women who speak out against patriarchy and misogyny by use of threats, intimidation and harassment," the collective's November petition against MIAS reads. The document asked the RSU to refuse MIAS' attempts to gain group status.

The group's relation to the Canadian Association For Equality (CAFE), another men's issues group off-campus, has also been questioned. After the RSU's rejection of MIAS, CAFE criticized the union in December and asked for donations that would fund "a groundbreaking discrimination against men case." CAFE has also hosted a MIAS event off-campus.

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