Mike McClaughry Guardian's Office 3 of 9

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F355.png Mike McClaughry Guardian's Office 3 of 9 November 6, 2009, RighteousJusticeanon, YouTube

Mike McClaughry interview, 2/05/2000

Transcribed by Xenubat (Sue M.)


MIKE McCLAUGHRY: When I first went on post in early 1974 there was a case called Goodrich. I think his name was Robert Goodrich, Lois-- Robert and Lois Goodrich. Uh, this guy was claiming that, uh, he had gotten auditing and, uh, it gave him a headache which wouldn't go away. (laughter)

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Oh, no. (more laughter)

MIKE McCLAUGHRY: So Ron had written Eval and the guys who were on post for me in San Francisco Intelligence Bureau were not handling it, and the guys at USGO weren't handling it, and Ron was getting kind of upset about all that. So (laughs) So he wrote that Eval, you guys are missing the boat, you don't understand the importance of this. This has got to get handled. I don't know that he wrote any steps out, you know, of what to do; I never saw that. Um, I just know that he wanted it handled. I went on post immediately and that was one of the first things that we did handle, um, and that was a rather simple handling as it turned out because I got a spy in on them. Um, you know, they were there for maybe two months, something like that. Um, the person basically became friends with the wife, Lois Goodrich, and talked her out of doing it. That's all that happened (laughs), you know it's, yeah, said--


MIKE McCLAUGHRY: Yeah. Just basically, uh, you know, said, "You know, you really ought to just drop that case with Scientology because, you know, you're not gonna win, it's not gonna be worth it, you know, it's gonna be a lot of headaches" and da-da-da. And because they had become friends, she said, "You know, you're probably right" and dropped that stupid thing. That's how that thing got handled.

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