Mike McClaughry Guardian's Office 6 of 9

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F355.png Mike McClaughry Guardian's Office 6 of 9 November 6, 2009, RighteousJusticeanon, YouTube

Transcribed by Xenubat (Sue M.)


MIKE McCLAUGHRY: This wasn't one that I did, but my juniors participated in, I just happened to be out of town at the time. A, uh, psychiatrist from Mexico was coming up. I don't know the guy's name-- I think it started with an M or something like that. But he was coming up to San Francisco and he was gonna give a speech to other psychiatrists at the, uh, Hilton Hotel there, which is just right around the corner from the org. Um, they had a, some kind of convention. He was their main speaker. And the operation was-- and a guy flew up from USGO who was gonna do it, his name was Gary Lawrence. He wasn't very good at Black Ops. I mean, he wasn't as creative as my mind, you know. These were the kinds of things he thought of; mine were a little more incisive and-- you know what I mean?

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: And effective.

MIKE McCLAUGHRY: And effective as well, like Ida Camburn's and that kind of thing, you know. But his, uh-- he couldn't think of, um, ops like that to do to people so he thought of things like LSD in the toothpaste (laughs), you know.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: He's flamboyant.

MIKE McCLAUGHRY: Yeah (laughs). So, uh-- and maybe that's the problem today. Maybe these guys down there aren't that bright so they end up with things like the Minutemen and stuff like that, you know, "This is what we'll do, we'll have a hit-and-run accident, you know, that's a good idea" you know.

They went and got some LSD. The solution to this guy's giving a speech was they're gonna put LSD in his toothpaste. Um, so therefore, when he got up to give his speech, you know, he would go on a drug trip and everybody would think he was crazy. That was their plan. Um, they got into his room and, um, I got back from my mission and I heard about this and I went, "You guys are crazy!", you know (laughs). Because it wasn't that part, my junior was totally freaked out, you know. He was just having a moral cow (laughs) over this thing, right? And the reason was, it wasn't so much the guy and putting tooth-- you know, LSD in the guy's toothpaste. It was the fact that the guy's wife was with him, and she was pregnant.


MIKE McCLAUGHRY: And they put it in her toothpaste, too.




UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Yeah, that was horrible.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: So what happened?



UNIDENTIFIED MAN: What happened.

MIKE McCLAUGHRY: I didn't even want to hear. I said, "I don't even want to hear what happened! You guys are crazy!", you know? (laughs) And my junior was in a state to be tied, you know.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Because of-- because he had done it?

MIKE McCLAUGHRY: He participated in it to some degree. I don't think he actually, um-- I don't know because I wasn't there, you know. His name was Paul Elkins.

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