Mike Rinder takes on Scientology's uneven 'Disconnection' rules - 2014-06-25

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F347.png Mike Rinder takes on Scientology's uneven 'Disconnection' rules June 25, 2014, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

Jasja Barendsen Former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder has a disturbing story at his blog today that helps illustrate just how upside down Scientology's system of "ethics" is.

In order to maintain control, Scientology encourages its members to snitch on each other, even asking children to turn in their parents if they express any doubts about the church. Families are ripped apart when members are instructed to "disconnect" from a parent or child or sibling who has run afoul of church management.

And that extends to online communities as well, where Scientologists are trained to be vigilant about cutting off all ties from a "suppressive person" — someone excommunicated or otherwise judged a threat to the church.

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