Miles Taylor's Actions At DHS Are Not Excused By His Support For Biden - 2020-08-23

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F0.png Miles Taylor's Actions At DHS Are Not Excused By His Support For Biden August 23, 2020, Laurence Berland, Opinion, BuzzFeed News

On Nov. 6, 2019, I sent the last email I would ever send using my Google corporate account. My coworkers and I had been expressing concerns about the hiring of a former Department of Homeland Security chief of staff, Miles Taylor. According to ​internal DHS emails​ obtained by BuzzFeed News, Taylor played direct roles in the defense of a version of the Muslim travel ban and child separation policies. His hiring raised serious concerns for us about workplace safety, especially for Muslim, Latinx, and immigrant workers who, along with many others, chose to express their worries and question leadership via the corporate network. In response, the company censored us by deleting emails, memes, and questions from the corporate network, ironically claiming in part that they caused a hostile workplace for Taylor. In my email, I explained that expressing these concerns about the workplace seemed to be protected by labor law; by deleting them, Google appeared to be violating those laws. Within 30 minutes, I was locked out of my account and put on administrative leave. A few weeks later, Google fired me and three other workplace organizers. Because we were fired without notice on the week of Thanksgiving, the press called us "the Thanksgiving Four."

So imagine my surprise to read Taylor's Washington Post op-ed excoriating Donald Trump for, among other things, precisely the policies he worked to defend while at the DHS that caused so many at Google (and ​in Congress​) to object to his hiring. Taylor is now supporting Joe Biden for president and has even ​taken a leave of absence​ from his policy role at Google to support the Biden campaign. Given that Taylor and I now strongly agree on one of the most important decisions Americans will face in the coming months, I was originally hesitant to comment publicly. Despite our many differences of opinion, I can respect Never Trump Republicans such as George Conway because they have consistently condemned the Trump administration for an almost unending list of failings.

But I cannot help viewing with great cynicism the timing of Taylor's jumping from a now-sinking ship on whose crew he enthusiastically served for more than two years.

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