Mirror Investigates: Inside Cult Castle - 2005-11-04

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F177.png Mirror Investigates: Inside Cult Castle November 4, 2005, David Edwards, Daily Mirror

Announcing the new drive, Scientology chief David Miscavige said: "History is about to be made in one of the most important... cities on Earth. We are about to drive home the message "This Is Scientology" like you have never seen."

According to former Scientologist Bonnie Woods, 56, who now runs a counselling service for ex-members, Britain is seen as ripe for conversion.

"Make no mistake, the people at the top of Scientology see us as a huge untapped well of easy converts, where many people are apathetic to mainstream religion and have large disposable incomes.

"These are exactly the sort of people they want. They're called "raw meat"."

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