More proof Scientology's 'Fresh Start' clinics going belly up: San Diego County site for sale - 2021-07-25

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F347.png More proof Scientology's 'Fresh Start' clinics going belly up: San Diego County site for sale July 25, 2021, Science Doc, Underground Bunker

We told you previously that Scientology is now only listing five US locations for its Narconon rehab network, down from dozens in past years. In particular, we've been watching the demise of its 'Fresh Start' clinics in Southern California. Longtime reader Science Doc has been keeping tabs on Fresh Start's Warner Springs location in San Diego County for years, and sent us this surprising new report.

I bought the first of a series of secondary residences in rural Southern California in 2014, and from that point until moving to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico immediately before Covid I drove past Narconon Warner Springs at least twice a week. Usually I drove slowly, and I payed attention. Narconon Warner Springs is on CA 79 South in the hamlet of Sunshine Summit, about 8 miles from Warner Springs. It is a small and eclectic community. Other residents include several excellent wineries, two immediately across the highway from Narconon. There is a retirement community of well-kept manufactured homes. Less well known, and perhaps ironically, there is a simulated North Korean POW camp operated by the US Navy. Newly minted aviators and special forces spend a week there being hunted down in the woods and then placed in cages while not being water boarded. Several friends went through that in the late 70s. It's been there a while.

What became Narconon Warner Springs has been there a long time too. The Main Campus of Narconon was originally a fishing camp. There was a shallow lake on the property. Guests would drive out from the big city for a few days of relaxation in remote San Diego County. That sort of thing went out of fashion at some point. Narconon Southern California (a registered fictitious name for Narconon Fresh Start) first appears in the San Diego County Recorder's property records in 2001, with the purchase of the former fish camp. In a few years they also purchased the former JLB Ranch property about two miles up 79 in the direction of Temecula. Both properties were licensed by the State of California as rehabs. In a major expansion they also bought a large property in rural Lincoln County Nevada that became Narconon Rainbow Canyon.

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