Mother Makes Emotional Quest To Reunite With Son - 2013-12-06

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File:F377.png Mother Makes Emotional Quest To Reunite With Son December 6, 2013, Inside Edition

Lori Hodgson was on a desperate mission. Along with her mother, Dee, she flew from her California home to Austin, Texas, hoping for a reunion with her estranged son, Jeremy. "I'm hoping that the more I share my story that other people will see what Scientology does to families," said Lori. "They break up families and that's wrong."

She became a Scientologist when she was 13 years old and raised both of her children in the controversial church. But in 2010, she says she resigned in bitterness over church policy. Twenty-year-old Jeremy and his 23-year-old sister, Jessica remained true believers and Lori claims they stopped talking to her based on a church policy she says is known as "disconnecting. "

"If you're having trouble with a person who is critical of the church you have to either handle them so that they're not critical anymore, or disconnect. Disconnect means you can never talk to them again," said Lori.

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